Gamified TRON Accumulation

Noble Knights Tales

Read some of the tales from our Satisfied Noble Knights below.

As I faithfully start my journey to sleigh the all mighty Dragon, I'm thrilled that Tronatized have given me the tools to make that happen.

And, earn massive amounts of Tron!

--Dan Rose

I got four payment spoils so far = $281 total sent to me.

I am glad. It working.

--Vicki Yen

Got my first payout. It wasn't exactly $6 back. I got $7.44.

Then, another $12.13 payment. Then, $27.36 and just got a $58.39 payout or "Spoils".

I didn't have to request a payout, nothing.

So Cool.

--Tod Lee


$67 and counting.

--Taj Nuymbe

I started slow. And it's been two days now. I only got two payments so far. $8.12 and $17.59.

So, I guess it is working.

--Stanley Barnes

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