Gamified TRON Accumulation

Noble Knights Tales

Read some of the tales from our Satisfied Noble Knights below.

As I faithfully start my journey to sleigh the all mighty Dragon, I'm thrilled that Tronatized have given me the tools to make that happen.

And, earn massive amounts of Tron!

--Dan Rose

What FUNNNN this is. Never made this kind of money online, til now.

Just play this game and procure your six Noble Knights and have your Knights procure their own Six Noble Knights. That's it.

All there is to it and your quest is off to the races and through the Realms. Really fun to watch the progression through the Realms. One thing though, everyone procures their Six Noble Knights because the proceeds fall right back into your Own wallet but, here's the key to build it faster...

Upgrade your own Realms as fast as you can (personally, I did four Realm upgrades from the start). I like getting ALL my spoils myself, and not have any pass me by.

So much FUN.

Begin your own quest and Sleigh that nasty ole Poverty Dragon.


--John T. Camp

I got four payment spoils so far = $281 total sent to me.

I am glad. It working.

--Vicki Yen

So far so good :)

I am still learning the comp plan but I am seeing results and our team is growing fast.

We will slay the poverty Dragon for sure !

--Jesse Garcia

I started slow. And it's been two days now. I only got two payments so far. $8.12 and $17.59.

So, I guess it is working.

--Stanley Barnes

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