Gamified TRON Accumulation



Step 1:


Yep, it really is that easy.  Put a dagger in failure.



Use our system of Tron Accumulation to PIF Six or more players (proceeds go directly to your OWN wallet), and you receive passive payments direct to your Tron Wallet for Life.



Sleigh the Poverty Dragon and watch your Tron Accumulate before your eyes and directly into your wallet.



I'm just so excited to be here.  A fresh, new approach to making money online just got real easy.  I'm receiving payments of $6 - $600 daily and, it never stops!

Ginnie Malderan


About Game

Breaking News:

Tron-A-Tized is a Tron based gamified, fun way to accumulate massive Tron payouts direct to the wallet of your choice on complete automation.  Your objective is to sleigh the Poverty Dragon.  To do that, you will need to procure 6 or more Noble Knights.  They will accompany you through 6 Realms or Levels of game play.  But, there's a catch,...

You must procure your 6 or more Knights, else all is lost.  To make this viable, TRON Accumulation allows you to jump start your Quest.  You are allowed to PIF or pay forward your 6 or more Knights (at no cost to you).  How could this be? ...

Every Noble Knight you choose for your quest is brought to the team by you paying them into your quest.  But, through the Power of TRON Accumulation, you get the proceeds for their participation thus, costing you nothing, paid directly to your Tron wallet of choice.  In other words, they, nor you, paid a dime for their participation.  You got your "paid forward" expenditure, deposited right back to your OWN wallet.  That's the true Magic behind Tron-A-tized and your quest to sleigh the Poverty Dragon.

For, every Noble Knight on your quest must prove themselves worthy, they too, must procure their own 6 Noble Knights using your strategy of TRON Accumulation and pay 6 forward and getting their Gratitude and Faith Seed, deposited right back into their Own Tron wallets.  Only then, can you and your team of Noble Knights sleigh the Poverty Dragon.  For, he/she who shall ever complete TRON Accumulation, will possess "The Power" to sleigh the Poverty Dragon.


How much can I make?

Unlimited payouts is achieved by sleighing the Poverty Dragon on Realm or Level 6. 

Remember, you are designated Mentor of your team as such, are awarded "spoils" (matching bonuses on ALL Noble Knights you bring to the quest).  We're talking Millions.



No refunds. Period.  We use Tron cryptocurrency and payments are paid as you go and once earned, can never be charged back. 

That's the beauty and magic of it.


How many positions can I have?

One.  For, you cannot be in the same Realm twice at any given time, (one position only per player). 

You can increase your bounty by Knighting more members.  


Is my information private and what is the cost?

Your information is private on our secure servers.  The cost is $1 for which you get laser-targeted ads ("adventure quests" for visitors to view and visit). 

Likewise, the cost to participate is Zero, when everyone Pays 6 or more forward as the paid forward funds are deposited directly in your OWN wallet for doing so.




Top 3 Adventures Quests:

Noble Knights are given laser targeted advertising display ads shown at the bottom of our high traffice site.

For the sake of gamified accumulation, we affectionately refere to these laser focused banner ads as Realms. For they are indeed, an adventure. Some more worthy than others.

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